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180 Crusader Campaign – Health thats last a Lifetime

A Year in the Making – Who Will You Become?
On Becoming a 180 Crusader
Select from our current six exercise programmes designed around your current fitness and activity goals.
On Becoming a 180 Crusader
Select one of our meal planners created to help combat or manage illnesses to help with your health goals and nutritional needs.
On Becoming a 180 Crusader
You will be an inspiration as yo undo harmful habits and embrace life changing helpful habits.
On Becoming a 180 Crusader
You will begin laying down the foundations for Generational Health in your family.
On Becoming a 180 Crusader
With our combined commitment - you as Crusader and our Spirit 75 Initiative we can make a difference to Health of your Nation.
On Becoming a 180 Crusader
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Five Programmes, One Crusade:

  • Step in the Right Direction – Laying the Foundations – (8 weeks programme)
  • The Next Step – Beginning to Build (12 weeks programme)
  • Step It Up – Reaching Higher Levels of Health – (8 weeks programme)
  • Stepping Out – Structural Integrity – (12 weeks programme)
  • Leap of Faith Challenge – Health Rebuilt (12 weeks programme)

Spirit 75 Initiative

With our Spirit 75 initiative this is our promise to return 75% of all profits to the nation that created the wealth and help rebuild the health services around the world. Vast numbers of people can benefit from your commitment. This means the more Crusader’s the more benefit to you and your country. Healthier society and resources being pumped back into the Health Services relieving the pressure that has been placed on Health services across the globe means that the issues are being tackled from both sides of the existing problems.

About Us


HN-HP (Health Nations – Healthy Perspective) is the latest Health, Fitness and Lifestyle. We are launching with a Global Health Campaign to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to making the world a Healthier place.
We will offer many different services and products whilst maintaining our ongoing commitment to help develop Health opportunities for communities and build a strong community of mutually benefiting relationships.

No Time to Waste

Become a 180 Crusader Now